As parents we want the best for our babies but we must be practical when we buy the essential needs for our baby since some of the things may not be used when they grow up. There are some tips or guides on what are the important things that you need to buy in order for your baby to feel comfortable and feel also that he or she is loved. Remember that as a baby, it is important for your baby to change his or her diapers, to have a better sleep and blanket as well to keep your baby warm. 

If you are planning to put some nursery furniture into your baby's room, you may to buy a crib and crib mattress. If you have extra budget or money, it is nice to have a changing table, bassinet, rocking chair or glider, humidifier or vaporizer, dresser or chest, hamper, baby monitor from Kid Stuff Zone if you have a big house. For safety purposes, you must always buy a new crib so that it would be safe for your baby to use it. 

For the linens, you must have two fitted crib sheets, crib bumper that ties on securely, two water proof mattress protectors and several thin cotton receiving blankets. It is somehow optional for you to have to buy a matching quilt or a crib skirt. For the safety of your baby, it is necessary for you to have gates at the top and bottom of all the stairs, install cabinet latches, drawer latches, outlet covers, fireplace bumper and furniture anchors. On the other hand, it is also nice to have toilet lock and corner guards for low tables. For the feeding accessories and equipment from for your baby, you must have bottle-cleaning brush or a dishwasher basket, bottle-drying rack, several weeks' worth of baby formula to start, six or more cotton bibs, six or more burp cloth and insulated cooler or carrier for outings. 


It is nice to have dry formula dispenser and bottle sterilizer. For breast feeding purposes, it is necessary for you to have nursing pillow, two to three bras, two to three boxes of nursing pads, six or more cotton bibs and six or more burp cloths. It is also nice to have breast pump, breast milk storage bags or containers, several bottles and nipples if someone else will be feeding baby pumped breast milk, and nipple cream. Watch this video here: